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Pillar isn’t afraid to act first, be bold, and be honest.”
– Jeremy Kauffman, CEO, LBRY

Jorge Díaz Largo

CEO, Tracer

Tracer provides a mobile event ticketing solution powered by blockchain that enables venues and promoters to capture revenue from secondary ticket sales. For the first time ever, Tracer is able to track and manage the entire journey of a ticket, no matter where the ticket is sold, or how many times it is re-sold.

Jeff Glass

CEO, Hometap

HomeTap is like a time machine for your home equity, bringing some of the value you've built up in your house into your bank account - right now. We make small investments in residential properties giving homeowners a simple, debt-free way to pay for the big ticket stuff in life.

Christopher Savoie

CEO, Zapata Computing

Zapata Computing develops quantum computing software and algorithms to solve industry-critical problems.

Silvio Micali

Founder, Algorand

Algorand is a scalable, secure and decentralized digital currency and transactions platform.

Jeremy Kauffman


For content consumers who value freedom, LBRY provides a content marketplace controlled by the community, powered by blockchain.

Alec & Raja

Co-founders, Asimov

Asimov engineers genetic computation in living cells to create previously impossible biotechnologies.

TJ Parker

CEO, PillPack

PillPack is a full-service pharmacy that delivers a better, simpler experience through convenient packaging, modern technology, and personalized service.

Sandra Richter

CEO, Soofa

Soofa provides smart city solutions that sense and display. Beautifully designed. Powerfully intelligent. Strengthening communities.

Brad Bogolea

CEO, Simbe

Meet Tally, the world's first fully autonomous shelf auditing & analytics solution. Tally performs the repetitive and laborious tasks of auditing retail store shelves.

Adam Smith

CEO, Kite

Your programming co-pilot. Kite augments your coding environment with all the internet’s programming knowledge.

Peter Smith

CEO, Edgewise

Edgewise makes it simple to secure complex networks. No hardware. No network changes. No hassle.

Ric Fulop

CEO, Desktop Metal

The effortless way to go from 3D CAD to robust metal parts. Desktop Metal’s family of 3D printers will build complex parts beautifully and at a price that makes it attainable by every design and manufacturing team.

Rob May

CEO, Talla

Turn your chat platform into a command center with tools, processes and intelligent automation. Talla helps your team build workflows for onboarding, training and polling.

Andy Beck

CEO, Path AI

Path AI applies deep learning techniques to massive aggregated sets of pathology data to build algorithms to automatically detect and diagnose medical conditions – with the goal of helping hundreds of millions of people receive fast, accurate diagnosis.

Dan Clark

Founder & President, Kuebix

Dan Clark, a freight industry veteran, founded Kuebix in 2008 with the vision of leveraging the latest cloud technology to build a transportation management system (TMS) that enabled supply chain visibility, stakeholder collaboration and predictive analytics. That vision was realized when the Kuebix team of freight and technology experts launched Kuebix TMS, a next generation SaaS TMS that is changing how businesses of all sizes purchase freight.

Alex Laats

CEO, Rekener

Building ways to help people and companies succeed in the BizOps era, through community and apps.

Dan Mandell

CEO, GRO Biosciences

Creating breakthrough proteins by re-coding bacteria to express novel amino acids.

Suelin Chen

CEO, Cake

Cake (joincake.com) is a digital platform that makes it easier for advance care and end-of-life planning.